Monday, November 28, 2011

Cocaine Energy Drink - Cyber Monday

Looks like the Cocaine Energy Drink is offering a free 6-pack on Cyber Monday with purchase of a case of Cocaine Energy, or until the first 1000 six packs are given away. You can pick up the deal at their online store although it is really not very apparent as how to claim it. This offer brings the cost per can down to $1.33 (which includes free shipping). Not too bad of a deal.

That's really all the details that I have now. If anyone has tried this and been successful please chime in below.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

5-hour ENERGY - Free Samples at Black Friday Bonanza

Well Thanksgiving is almost upon us. I know I have a lot to be thankful for this year, but in keeping with the site's theme I won't talk about all my personal triumphs and tribulations. Instead I will focus on what thousands of other websites are focusing on. Yes, I am going to talk about Black Friday.

No I am not going to be discussing the latest deals on LCD Televisions, Cameras or Laptops. Nor am I going to talk Black Friday strategy on getting the best deals. Besides, you won't catch me up later tonight participating in the madness. But for those of you who do, I imagine an Energy Drink would come in handy. Whether you are standing in line tonight or getting up really early, I imagine one would come in handy. Now if I was participating in the Black Friday madness I would opt for an Energy Shot... that way my bargain hunting self wouldn't have to miss a great deal because of a potty break.

Well, apparently Living Essentials, the makers of 5-hour Energy have the same idea. They are running a sampling event at participating Walmarts starting at 10:00 p.m on Thanksgiving Evening (11/24).

Here are the full details of the 5-hour Energy Black Friday Bonanza. But looks like, besides giving away thousands of countless energy shots to weary Walmart shoppers, they are also holding a contest where you can take a picture of yourself with a 5-hour Energy shot and submit it along with a short message describing your shopping experience for a chance to win a $50 Walmart gift card as well as even more free 5-hour product! Looks like they have the deal up on their Facebook Page as well.

Anyways, if you are crazy enough to venture out Black Friday, don't forget to at least score your free sample to help you power through.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Diet Turbo Lemonade Review

Cost: $1.99
Cost Per Ounce:$0.11
Active Ingredients:Caffeine (caffeine, tea, guarana)
Taste Rating:7.8
Kick Rating:8.5
Final Judgment Rating:8.4
Energy Drink Ratings Explained

Diet Turbo Lemonade Review:
So about two years ago I did a review of another Energy Drink from ABB (American Bodybuilding) called Diet Turbo Tea. Overall I was quite pleased with the offering and it looks like others have been pretty excited about it as well since ABB has released two more flavors, Diet Turbo Lemonade and Diet Turbo Punch. If you are unfamiliar with ABB's Energy Drinks I do suggest you try at least one. While they are not your typical ED that you would find in the grocery store or your C-store cooler, they definitely do the trick. You can check out some of my past review of ABB products or continue reading for my review of their latest offering...

Buy Diet Turbo Lemonade - $40 for a Case

Diet Turbo Lemonade Review: Taste
The packaging is pretty much the same as the past Diet Turbo Tea products from ABB. Same 18 ounce resealable plastic bottle and same design. Only thing missing is the word "tea" which may have scared off some consumers (even though I thoroughly enjoyed it) in the past. Anyways onto the taste... I popped the cap 20 minutes prior to my workout (per recommended use) and drank throughout my cardio workout which was 7.5 miles on treadmill at 7.5 mph. Nothing too strenuous, just nice easy pace. Now the drink has zero calories and zero sugar, so needless to say artificial sweetners. Now to me, these type of drinks are perfectly suited for a workout as the taste just triggers something in my head that gets me motivated. Like I said above, it's not your typical Energy Drink, it's more along the lines of something you would see a gym rat drinking. Nonetheless, the taste to me is actually pretty good. Again, I attribute the taste to getting something in my body to get me moving. That in itself gets me through the fairly strong artificial lemon flavor. If you only like Monster's and Rockstar's then this drink is probably not for you. Taste Rating - 7.8

Diet Turbo Lemonade Review: Kick
For a drink designed to enhance your workout, the taste was pretty well received. Now, will the turbo on the lemonade work as well as it has in the past. I sure hope it does as the old version was great! When looking at the ingredient list, the energy kick is derived from 90 milligrams of caffeine (caffeine, tea and guarana), making this a pretty light drink in the kick category and keeping on par with some of ABB's last drinks. However, the addition of electrolytes makes this drink more lucrative, especially for those that work out hard in the gym. It won't give you that off the wall kick like some hardcore energy drinks, but as far as I am concerned it is more than enough to get me through an intense workout without any cramping/gut wrenching feeling. If you are looking for something more intense, American Body Building offers several other products that would do the trick, but if you are just looking for a bit of extra edge to get you through the workout then this should do the trick. Kick Rating - 8.5

Diet Turbo Tea Review: Final Judgment
If you are not used to these types of drinks, then they are probably not for you... just stick to the normal sugar laden energy drinks you can buy at convenience stores, they will at least taste better. But if you are looking for a drink to boost you through your workouts, maybe something you can sip on the entire time, then definitely check these out. Remember there are two different flavors you can try out (Lemonade and Punch).

Buy Diet Turbo Lemonade - $40 for a Case

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hydrive Energy Drink Extra Strength - Black Cherry

Cost: $1.99
Cost Per Ounce:$0.17
Active Ingredients:Caffeine, Taurine, B-Vitamins
Taste Rating:8.8
Kick Rating:8.9
Final Judgment Rating:8.9
Energy Drink Ratings Explained

Hydrive Energy Drink Extra Strength Review
Well I have reviewed several flavors of the Hydrive Energy Drinks as well as their chews. From all the reviews and flavors of hydrive that I have tried I have come to the same general consensus on all of them. They are very refreshing to drink. The only room for improvement was maybe a slight increase in the "kick" factor of the drink. All of the flavors come in a slim 15.5 ounce plastic resealable bottle, have only 30 calories total and are made with fresh spring water. The flavors are all nutritionally enhanced with either vitamins, antioxidants or electrolytes and are supposed to supply hydration and energy (a trend (hydration) that you have seen in both Monster Energy Drinks and Rockstar Energy Drinks. The thing is, that Hydrive has been doing this longer, and in my opinion much better. So let's check out the new Extra Strength Hydrive and see what it has up it's sleeve.

Hydrive Energy Drink Extra Strength Review: Taste
Ok, I did ask for an increase in energy ingredients in my prior Hydrive reviews, mainly more caffeine. But, when a brand/company changes the energy ingredients of their drinks, that does tend to have an effect on taste. So even though I asked for it, I was a bit pessimistic that Hydrive would mess with a good refreshing taste. But, to my delight the new black cherry taste is just as refreshing as the other flavors, it doesn't taste artificially flavored AND it has only 30 calories in the entire 15.5 ounce bottle. Taste Rating - 8.8

Hydrive Energy Drink Extra Strength Review: Kick
The low cal / low sugar extra strength black cherry taste is quite refreshing, yet will it provide that elusive pick me up you are looking for? Well the normal Hydrive's have 145 milligrams of caffeine (except the caffeine free version) and they delivered a pretty decent kick. But after each review, I was always wanting a bit more... Well, ask and you shall receive I guess. (Although I doubt they increased the energy formula just for me, I will let my ego believe that is the reason.) The new Extra Strength formula boasts almost a 35% increase in caffeine brining the level tp to 195 milligrams per bottle. Combine this with the other powerful ingredients like Yerba Mate and B-vitamins and you have a very competitive (yet still refreshing) kick. Kick Rating - 8.9

Hydrive Energy Drink Extra Strength Review: Final Judgment
It has been quite a few years since I first heard of Hydrive. In the years following my initial review they have only gotten better with more flavor offerings, increased kick and a strong nationwide presence. If you don't like my three reasons to like/try Hyrdrive then check out their Facebook page as they have a humorous "top 10" list you may like. Final Judgment 8.9

But don't take my word for it... go out there and try it yourself. Feel free to leave your thoughts on Hydrive below in the comments section. (comments are moderated, so don't waste your time with spam)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Demolishing the Land Speed Record - Calling All Energy Drink Manufacturers

Some friends are looking to demolish the land speed record with a 50,000 Horse E J-79 turbo-jet engine driven by none other than Leslie Porterfield (who is already the world's fastest woman on two wheels). They need some help. So all you Energy Drink and Energy Shot aficionadas need to get on the horn and tell your favorite or best energy drink manufacturers to help these guys out. Hit them up on Facebook and Twitter and let them know about this rare opportunity to sponsor the fastest woman on earth. Don't disappoint!

From the Press Release: It is rare that an opportunity comes along where millions of people around the world will be following a series of events and one company can have exclusive sponsorship to these events and have its name associated with these records for the rest of time. You can check out the full article here.

Energy Drink Manufacturer to Demolish Land Speed Record?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monster Energy Rehab Review

Cost Per Ounce:$0.20
Active Ingredients:Caffeine, Taurine, Ginseng, Guarana
Taste Rating:9.0
Kick Rating:8.8
Final Judgment Rating:8.9
Energy Drink Ratings Explained

Monster Rehab:
Normally I start out a Monster Energy Drink review with it has been awhile (since I last tried one)... However, last time I tried the Extra Strength Monster I was fairly impressed. Albeit left with a question as to "Where does the Extra Strength Come In?" Anyways, last time I was at my local Kwik Trip (c-store), as always I meandered over to the Energy Shots and Energy Drinks section and took a look. Low and behold, another drink from Monster that seemed intriguing. A 15.5 ounce Monster Rehab with only 10 calories (per serving) and claims of rehydration. Being intrigued I bought the Monster Rehab for a somewhat reasonable $2.39. Anyways, enough fluff, onto the review.

Monster Rehab: Taste
So as I previously mentioned there are only 10 calories per serving (20 total) which comes from 3 grams of sugar. The drink also contains 5% juice, which to be honest, most seem to include somewhere on the label. Anyways this non-carbonated Monster Energy Drink has a very refreshing lemonade flavor with a hint of sweet tea flavoring. I know what a lot of you readers are thinking... he said refreshing and Monster in the same sentence. Yes, I actually did. In this reviewers humble opinion, this is Monster's best tasting drink to date (taste is subjective though). They have come a long way since the original Monster Energy Drink. I also like the fact that they have a non-carbonated offering that tastes great and that is refreshing. Taste Rating - 9.0

Monster Rehab: Kick
This particular creation from Monster seems to have one of the larger Energy Blends (at least from Monster). The Original Monster has a 2500 milligram (per serving) energy blend where as Rehab has 3227.5 milligrams(per serving). So where does the extra energy come from? The only real difference seems to be coming from the addition of Black Tea Extract which does have a pretty decent amount of caffeine in it. So what's the actual amount of caffeine in Monster Rehab? No idea, but the original has 80 milligrams (per serving), so I would GUESS that Rehab has slightly more, maybe 100 milligrams (per serving). Regardless, I was not only pleasantly suprised with the taste, but the kick lasted several hours as well. The fact that there are only 20 total calories, hence, almost no sugar, there was no sugar induced crash after. And where does the "rehydrate" come into play you may ask. Well after looking though the ingredient list, it looks like the "rehydrate claim" is coming from the fact that it contains potassium and coconut water, both of which are good for rehydration. But I am not a doctor, so consult your doctor before taking my advice on the rehydration claims. Kick Rating - 8.8

Monster Rehab: Final Judgment
I am starting to change my mind about offerings from Monster. They have come a long way since their first drink hit the shelves. The latest one I tested, Rehab performed well in both the taste and kick categories. I guess I should keep Monster a little closer on my radar and check in with them more often. Final Judgment - 8.9

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

iShot Energy Potion Review

Cost Per Ounce:$1.00
Active Ingredients:Caffeine, Taurine, B-Vitamins
Taste Rating:8.7
Kick Rating:8.5
Final Judgment Rating:8.6
Energy Drink Ratings Explained

iShot Energy Potion Review:
So looks like we have a relatively new entrant to the Energy Shot Market that hails from across the pond and is from All Day Energy Ltd. So as I have ranted before, more and more shots enter the market, but nothing really distinguishes them from the Original 5-hour Energy Shot or from the countless imitators. However, it appears iShot Energy is marketing both their original energy shot as well as a love potion and iShot Skinny which is marketed as a "slim potion." So right from the start they are trying to expand product appeal. But how will the Original iShot perform in the taste and kick categories?

iShot Energy Potion Review: Taste
Well first off the iShot Original does not mention any hint of flavor at all on the package or on the website - they do offer a acai berry version though. So I was a little intrigued and the fact that the 60 milliliter bottle was quite a bit larger than the 60 milliliter bottle that I am used to. Anyways, the packaging is sleek, the bottle opens quite easily and the first smell coming out was pretty much indistinguishable. The liquid in side did almost seem to be growing bright red and my first sip that went past my lips was actually very pleasant. It was a sweet berry/punch flavor that did seem to be a tad watered down (probably because it has only 15 calories) however; there was really no bitter aftertaste. So overall the taste was quite smooth. Taste Rating - 8.7

iShot Energy Potion Review: Kick
Now I have seen far fewer energy shots hailing from the U.K (it could be because I live in the United States) but to me it seems that the market is still a year or two behind the U.S energy shot market. The first sign to me was that the caffeine content (although decent at 120 milligrams) seemed to lag behind the majority of products offered in the U.S where they typical shot contains 160-200 milligrams of caffeine. Regardless, the other energy ingredients (Taurine, Guarana, Inositol, Glucuronolactone, L-Carnitine ,Siberian Ginseng, Maltodextrin and b-vitamins) in iShot seemed to pull their weight quite well. The kick I received lasted several hours with no resulting crash. Very pleased and one of the better energy shots I have seen come from over seas. Kick Rating - 8.5

iShot Energy Potion Review: Final Judgment
Cool new shot with a sleek bottle, smooth taste, decent kick and competitive price ($2/shot or cheaper in bulk). Overall one of the better energy shots that I have seen come from across the pond. However, I would love for them to offer an "Extra Strength" version for a bit more pick me up. I also look forward to giving their two other potions "Love Potion" and "Slim Potion" a shot. So stay tuned for a review of those two products. In the meantime feel free to leave comments on the taste and kick of this product. Final Judgment - 8.6

Friday, March 18, 2011

Monster Energy Extra Strength Black Ice Review

Cost Per Ounce:$0.20
Active Ingredients:Caffeine, Taurine, Ginseng, Guarana
Taste Rating:8.5
Kick Rating:8.5
Final Judgment Rating:8.0
Energy Drink Ratings Explained

Monster Energy Extra Strength Black Ice:
Well long time no review of a Monster Energy, but looks like they have substantially revamped their lineup of Energy Drinks since last time I checked in with them. I am speaking specifically of Monster Energy's new "Extra Strength" Nitrous lineup. The 12 ounce Monster Nitrous lineup has four flavors; Super Dry, Anti-Gravity, Killer B and Black Ice. Now I will be totally honest, I have never really been a huge fan of any of the Monster Energy Drinks, but every once in awhile they do surprise me... and I am hoping that is the case with the new Extra Strength version.

Monster Energy Extra Strength Black Ice: Taste
So first off this drink has zero calories and zero sugar... also it is HIGHLY carbonated. I picked one of these up at a local c-store, put it in my car and drove to work. I let it settle for 5 minutes before opening. Upon opening, there was a loud pop (similar to the Jolt Energy Drinks) followed shortly after by an over flow of foam. I don't know if this is unique to the Black Ice "flavor" or if this is the case for all Monster Nitrous products... either way I could do with a little less carbonation so I don't have to waste any of the $2.39 I just spent on a 12 ounce drink. Anyways, taste... So again not exactly sure where they go the name "black ice" as it really has more of a sour berry/passion flavor which is reminiscent of the original Kronik Energy Drink. For zero sugar and zero calories the drink was actually pretty good. Flavors end up being a tad sour, but there is only a slight medicinal after taste. Pretty good actually, elbeit taste is subjective. Taste Rating - 8.5

Monster Energy Extra Strength Black Ice: Kick
Taste is decent, but will the extra strength provide an impressive kick? Well according to the 12 ounce can (12 ounce single serving) there is 2600 milligrams of Energy Blend which includes; Taurine, Panax Ginseng, L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Guarana, Inositol, Glucronolactone and Maltodextrin. So they don't list exact caffeine amounts, but let's compare this Extra Strength to an Original Monster. An Original Monster (8 ounce single serving) has 2500 milligrams in it's energy blend which includes L-Carnitine, Glucose, Caffeine, Guarana, Inositol, Glucronolactone and Maltodextrin. Taurine and Ginseng is listed outside the Energy Blend on the original. In an ingredient list, they usually list ingredients by quantity... so the more of something present the higher up the list. Well, the lists of the Original and Extra Strength Monster are almost identical... Original has 2500 milligram energy blend (Plus taurine and panax ginseng listed separately) whereas the extra strength has 2600 milligrams? Big kicker is that the Original Blend is for 8 ounce whereas the extra strength is for 12 ounces. That just doesn't seem right. To ME, it seems like the original has more bang for your buck in terms of ENERGY INGREDIENTS... And after drinking it I can conclude. Don't get me wrong, the kick was pretty good. But there is nothing Extra Strength about this Monster. Kick Rating - 8.5

Monster Energy Extra Strength Black Ice: Final Judgment
So taste was good... low calories and zero sugar are also a plus. But the confusing aspect for me is the "extra strength" label. I am not seeing anything extra about this either on the can ingredient list or IMHO during the review. I am confused, so maybe someone at Monster could weigh in on this so I don't misinform my 40,000 monthly readers? To me, the better value is by far the Original Monster, both price wise and energy wise... Final Judgment - 8.0

Friday, February 4, 2011

Feel Good 7 Energy Shot Review

Cost: $2.99 (cheaper in bulk)
Cost Per Ounce:$1.50
Active Ingredients:caffeine, taurine, malic acid, guarana extract, b-vitamins
Taste Rating:9.8
Kick Rating:7.5
Final Judgment Rating:8.5
Energy Drink Ratings Explained

Feel Good 7 Energy Shot Review:
So most energy shots tout the effectiveness of their energy blend while also touching on taste. Well a couple weeks ago I received some samples from Feel Good 7. They have 3 shots currently available appropriately named, Energy (Euphoria), Hangover (Recovery), Sleep (Serenity)... (which sounds like a typical weekend). At first I thought this is just another energy shot copycatting 5-Hour Energy... you know 6-Hour Power, Redline 7 Hour Energy Shot, or even 8-Hour Energy. I mean they do have a "7" distinctly in the label. However, upon further review of their Website I see no mention or claims of lasting for 7 hours. Instead, I see "taste matters." Which to me is quite intriguing, an energy shot focusing on taste instead of energy. You don't hear that too much. However, Feel Good 7 Energy Shot was going to be reviewed... and if taste matters, it better perform in that category! On to the review to find out.

Feel Good 7 Energy Shot Review: Taste
So no waiting what so ever... straight to the taste review. Now I have reviewed quite a few Energy Shots over the years and it's safe to say I have some favorites in both the kick and taste categories. But after trying all of them, none of them really got a.. "wow" I wish I could drink another, these taste spectacular. That is until now. To FeelGood 7 Energy, taste must matter because even with Green Tea Extract high up on the ingredient list, the little 2 ounce shot tasted great. A blend of fruity and berry flavors went down the hatch easily. No bitter aftertaste whatsever... I mean NONE at all. Great tasting! Taste Rating - 9.8

Feel Good 7 Energy Shot Review: Kick
So it tastes good, just like their marketing materials stated. But it's still an energy shot, so it better give me energy. Well the energy blend consists of 1731 milligrams of the following: Taurine, Malic Acid, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract and then your typical long words... Notice that caffeine is 3rd on this list and notice that the energy blend is pretty much typical of your standard energy shot. No it's not in the hardcore energy shots/drinks category and I would have to say it really is not in the extra strength category either. It's basically on par with your typical shot. Kick Rating - 7.5

Feel Good 7 Energy Shot Review: Final Judgment
Awesome taste, average kick. If you are a caffeine junkie like me, then this may not be for you. If you your normal energy shot suffices to get you going in the morning, then by all means drink one that tastes good. Oh and if you drink one of these too close to bed time, they offer a "sleep" version as well. And if you have a hangover, they have you covered their as well. To see their full lineup visit their Website. Final Judgment - 8.5