Friday, February 4, 2011

Feel Good 7 Energy Shot Review

Cost: $2.99 (cheaper in bulk)
Cost Per Ounce:$1.50
Active Ingredients:caffeine, taurine, malic acid, guarana extract, b-vitamins
Taste Rating:9.8
Kick Rating:7.5
Final Judgment Rating:8.5
Energy Drink Ratings Explained

Feel Good 7 Energy Shot Review:
So most energy shots tout the effectiveness of their energy blend while also touching on taste. Well a couple weeks ago I received some samples from Feel Good 7. They have 3 shots currently available appropriately named, Energy (Euphoria), Hangover (Recovery), Sleep (Serenity)... (which sounds like a typical weekend). At first I thought this is just another energy shot copycatting 5-Hour Energy... you know 6-Hour Power, Redline 7 Hour Energy Shot, or even 8-Hour Energy. I mean they do have a "7" distinctly in the label. However, upon further review of their Website I see no mention or claims of lasting for 7 hours. Instead, I see "taste matters." Which to me is quite intriguing, an energy shot focusing on taste instead of energy. You don't hear that too much. However, Feel Good 7 Energy Shot was going to be reviewed... and if taste matters, it better perform in that category! On to the review to find out.

Feel Good 7 Energy Shot Review: Taste
So no waiting what so ever... straight to the taste review. Now I have reviewed quite a few Energy Shots over the years and it's safe to say I have some favorites in both the kick and taste categories. But after trying all of them, none of them really got a.. "wow" I wish I could drink another, these taste spectacular. That is until now. To FeelGood 7 Energy, taste must matter because even with Green Tea Extract high up on the ingredient list, the little 2 ounce shot tasted great. A blend of fruity and berry flavors went down the hatch easily. No bitter aftertaste whatsever... I mean NONE at all. Great tasting! Taste Rating - 9.8

Feel Good 7 Energy Shot Review: Kick
So it tastes good, just like their marketing materials stated. But it's still an energy shot, so it better give me energy. Well the energy blend consists of 1731 milligrams of the following: Taurine, Malic Acid, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract and then your typical long words... Notice that caffeine is 3rd on this list and notice that the energy blend is pretty much typical of your standard energy shot. No it's not in the hardcore energy shots/drinks category and I would have to say it really is not in the extra strength category either. It's basically on par with your typical shot. Kick Rating - 7.5

Feel Good 7 Energy Shot Review: Final Judgment
Awesome taste, average kick. If you are a caffeine junkie like me, then this may not be for you. If you your normal energy shot suffices to get you going in the morning, then by all means drink one that tastes good. Oh and if you drink one of these too close to bed time, they offer a "sleep" version as well. And if you have a hangover, they have you covered their as well. To see their full lineup visit their Website. Final Judgment - 8.5