Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Diet Turbo Lemonade Review

Cost: $1.99
Cost Per Ounce:$0.11
Active Ingredients:Caffeine (caffeine, tea, guarana)
Taste Rating:7.8
Kick Rating:8.5
Final Judgment Rating:8.4
Energy Drink Ratings Explained

Diet Turbo Lemonade Review:
So about two years ago I did a review of another Energy Drink from ABB (American Bodybuilding) called Diet Turbo Tea. Overall I was quite pleased with the offering and it looks like others have been pretty excited about it as well since ABB has released two more flavors, Diet Turbo Lemonade and Diet Turbo Punch. If you are unfamiliar with ABB's Energy Drinks I do suggest you try at least one. While they are not your typical ED that you would find in the grocery store or your C-store cooler, they definitely do the trick. You can check out some of my past review of ABB products or continue reading for my review of their latest offering...

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Diet Turbo Lemonade Review: Taste
The packaging is pretty much the same as the past Diet Turbo Tea products from ABB. Same 18 ounce resealable plastic bottle and same design. Only thing missing is the word "tea" which may have scared off some consumers (even though I thoroughly enjoyed it) in the past. Anyways onto the taste... I popped the cap 20 minutes prior to my workout (per recommended use) and drank throughout my cardio workout which was 7.5 miles on treadmill at 7.5 mph. Nothing too strenuous, just nice easy pace. Now the drink has zero calories and zero sugar, so needless to say artificial sweetners. Now to me, these type of drinks are perfectly suited for a workout as the taste just triggers something in my head that gets me motivated. Like I said above, it's not your typical Energy Drink, it's more along the lines of something you would see a gym rat drinking. Nonetheless, the taste to me is actually pretty good. Again, I attribute the taste to getting something in my body to get me moving. That in itself gets me through the fairly strong artificial lemon flavor. If you only like Monster's and Rockstar's then this drink is probably not for you. Taste Rating - 7.8

Diet Turbo Lemonade Review: Kick
For a drink designed to enhance your workout, the taste was pretty well received. Now, will the turbo on the lemonade work as well as it has in the past. I sure hope it does as the old version was great! When looking at the ingredient list, the energy kick is derived from 90 milligrams of caffeine (caffeine, tea and guarana), making this a pretty light drink in the kick category and keeping on par with some of ABB's last drinks. However, the addition of electrolytes makes this drink more lucrative, especially for those that work out hard in the gym. It won't give you that off the wall kick like some hardcore energy drinks, but as far as I am concerned it is more than enough to get me through an intense workout without any cramping/gut wrenching feeling. If you are looking for something more intense, American Body Building offers several other products that would do the trick, but if you are just looking for a bit of extra edge to get you through the workout then this should do the trick. Kick Rating - 8.5

Diet Turbo Tea Review: Final Judgment
If you are not used to these types of drinks, then they are probably not for you... just stick to the normal sugar laden energy drinks you can buy at convenience stores, they will at least taste better. But if you are looking for a drink to boost you through your workouts, maybe something you can sip on the entire time, then definitely check these out. Remember there are two different flavors you can try out (Lemonade and Punch).

Buy Diet Turbo Lemonade - $40 for a Case