Friday, January 20, 2012

GungHo Energy Gel Shot Review

Cost: $3.99 (cheaper in bulk)
Cost Per Ounce:NA
Active Ingredients:Lot Going On Here
Taste Rating:9.0
Kick Rating:8.8
Final Judgment Rating:9.1
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GungHo Energy Gel Shot Review:
Well I first heard about the GungHo Energy Gel Shot (Gung Ho in Chinese means “Work in Harmony”) a little over a month ago when I was contacted by the co-founder Danny Mason. My first impressions without even seeing the website or the product were very good. If GungHo was anywhere near as passionate or exciting as Danny, I knew I would be in for a treat. He immediately presented me with a white paper backing up their claims of increased focus, memory recall, and brain health... so when used several days in a row there should be an increase in physical and mental energy all without the crash. He went so far as to even offer to put me in touch with the author of the white paper Dr. Perry Renshaw who has an impressive bio to say the least. While I was tempted to take him up on that offer, I figured I would test the GungHo Energy Gel just as I did during my 400 + other reviews; I would try it out for a couple days and then relay my humble thoughts to you guys. While I am no longer in their core demographic (college and/or gamer) I am still a guy who goes to work...plays hard and could use all the energy and focus (ask my girlfriend about that focus part) that I can get. So without further adieu onto the review of the .75 ounce energy gel with Ninja like focus :)

GungHo Energy Gel Shot Review: Taste
As I said earlier I need all the focus I can get. I had high hopes based on my emails to Danny. Now the recommended dose is two packets per day with meals and you are not to exceed four per day. So my first test for Gungho was at breakfast before work. Being a gel and going by the recommended method of tearing the packet and downing the 0.75 ounce gel, I was more than pleasantly surprised. I thought about the flavor as I swallowed it. Then I immediately looked down at the packet... my first thoughts were no way. All these medicinal type ingredients and the flavor I get is orange with a nice hint of vanilla. I know I shouldn't have been surprised based on my initial conversations with Danny, but after doing 400 + reviews and hearing it all before I never really know until I try something. Anyways, pleasantly surprised with the taste and how smooth it went down just drinking it out of the packet. Now as I stated earlier, I am really not a gamer nor am I in college anymore but I do workout, bike, run etc (Did the Tough Mudder this summer) so I thought I would mix in Gungho into one of my favorite sports drinks. After all, it does say consume one packet as desired right on the package. My sports drink of choice was orange flavored (no need to mention brand) and mixing Gungho in was I have to say a stellar decision on my part. The hint of vanilla was definitely a nice touch. Overall, for a shot this size, having only four calories and being this concentrated I was very impressed. Taste Rating - 9.0

GungHo Energy Gel Shot Review: Kick
Now for the important part... the kick review. How does it stack up against the mountains of competition in both the energy drink and energy shot market? Well according to Dr. Perry Renshaw and of course Danny, I was in for a sustained treat of energy and focus. As I stated earlier, I tried tested this over several days and mixed in with other drinks (none had caffeine). The first day I tried one packet in the morning only. The energy I got was not immediate and by immediate I mean I didn't feel jittery like I would after drinking a hardcore energy drink. The second day I took one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Definitely noticed that I had two. The third day I just went all out and consumed four of them (two in the a.m. and two in the late afternoon). I mean, I have been drinking and reviewing energy products for years, so what's the harm. Well, with four I definitely crossed my happy medium of energy that I had on day two. Overall I think two in the morning and one in the late afternoon would have sufficed... and let me get to sleep at an earlier time. Either way, after three days I felt more energized for sure. Normally I touch on the ingredient in this section as well but I think it would be easier to send you to their Official Website to take a closer look at their 790 mg proprietary energy blend, or if you want refer back to the white paper link I posted above. The kick rating is a nice 8.8. Not over the top like some drinks which is exactly what Gungho seems to be going for... a nice kick that gets you going and keeps you focused. I think they accomplished this nicely. Kick Rating - 8.8

GungHo Energy Gel Shot Review: Final Judgment
Well what can I say... it has been quite some time since I have written a review, but I am glad that the first one I did in awhile was Gungho. The co-founder was enthusiastic (and rightfully so)... the science behind it seems solid and the product accomplished what it told me it would on the packet. As I said earlier, you can Get a Free Sample just pay shipping or you can take advantage of some of their other current offers like buy one 12-pack get one free for $29.99 with free shipping. They also have a "dojo" which is like a loyalty club where you get monthly shipments at a discounted price of 30% as well as incentives to refer friends and get rewards. Final Judgment - 9.1 (taste, value and kick are all present, hence the extra points).

GungHo Energy - Official Site