Sunday, March 4, 2012

Golazo Energy Drink Review

Golazo Energy Drink
Cost: $1.99
Cost Per Ounce:$0.17
Active Ingredients:Caffeine (Guarana), B-Vitamins, electrolytes
Taste Rating:8.2
Kick Rating:8.5
Final Judgment Rating:8.4
Energy Drink Ratings Explained

Golazo Energy Drink Review:
Well I have been sitting on these samples of Golazo Energy for some time so I might as well let everyone know MHO about the Futbol inspired energy drink. Golazo, meaning "super goal" in Spanish is supposed to be introducing new sports hydration flavors in 2012, but as of now it comes in both regular and sugar free "original" versions in a pretty typical 12 ounce can. Headquartered in Seattle and manufactured in Portland with only high-quality ingredient list containing no artificial or genetically-engineered (GMO) ingredients does set Golazo apart from most of the competition. Another thing that sets Golazo apart is the Energy + Hydration claims. The hydration just comes in the form of electrolytes, 125 milligrams to be exact in a 12 ounce can which is comparable to the electrolytes in an an 8 ounce serving of Gatorade. So caffeine and electrolytes...?? Anyways, on with the review of Golazo.

Golazo Energy Drink Review: Taste
First off the claims by Golaza regarding taste are as follows: "Latin-inspired Mango-Limón flavor." While I definitely taste the "limon", I don't see too much mango taste coming from either the original or sugar free versions. While there is a slightly bitter aftertaste, it really is not too noticeable. It does seem to have a slight bitter aftertaste, somewhat similar to Kronik Energy Drink. With either 90 calories total for the original or 10 for the sugar-free version, the taste is on par with most of the competition but not at the top of my list. However, taste is subjective, so to each their own and the sugar free and original versions are comparative in taste. Taste Rating - 8.2

Golazo Energy Drink Review: Kick
Each can of Golazo Energy drinks has roughly 100 milligrams of natural caffeine (Guarana) along with a decent dose of b-vitamins and Yerba Mate. Overall the kick in a 12 ounce can of Golazo would be on par...maybe slightly more than an 8 ounce can of Redbull. Not one of the strongest energy drinks on the market but I don't think that is the market they are after. With the combination of hydration in the form of electrolytes I would almost put this in the functional beverage market. Either way decent kick... Kick Rating 8.5.

Golazo Energy Drink Review: Final Judgment
While Golazo is not going to be making my list of Best Energy Drinks I do have to say the addition of electrolytes is a nice touch. While two of the major three (Monster and Rockstar) have also started incorporating electrolytes into their beverages, I always find it refreshing to find a smaller start up take on something a little different. Check them out on their website or growing Golazo Nation on Facebook. Final Judgement - 8.4

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Looking for a North American Beverage Filler?

Paid Release

LiquiFab is a publicly listed company that owns various bottling facilities in Canada and the USA. LiquiFab can manage small minimum runs when required, have flexibility on their line (PET, glass,28mm to 38mm neck finish, sleeve, label, big production capacity when needed) and can assist with your bottling / R&D questions and projects.

LiquiFab provide a "turnkey" solution for any energy drink, shot, strip and other forms of supplements that wishes to find a good co-packer. LiquiFab operates bottling plants in the USA and Canada and has worked with hundreds of brands all while respecting confidentiality and non-compete agreements, while providing experience and expertise to help any energy drinks brand owner, promoter or distributor have their own private label.

LiquiFab filling plant has organic certifications, for clients who are bottling juices and wish to have an organic facility. The groups has cutting edge technologies to help you standardize production, proprietary herbal extracts or active ingredients, to improve formulation or back your claims

LiquiFab offers various formats and packaging options. If you're interested in discussing co-packaging with this firm, please feel free to contact the manager Vincent Langlois who was the founder of Reload Energy Drinks.

Montreal office : T 450 504-4918