Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monster Energy Rehab Review

Cost Per Ounce:$0.20
Active Ingredients:Caffeine, Taurine, Ginseng, Guarana
Taste Rating:9.0
Kick Rating:8.8
Final Judgment Rating:8.9
Energy Drink Ratings Explained

Monster Rehab:
Normally I start out a Monster Energy Drink review with it has been awhile (since I last tried one)... However, last time I tried the Extra Strength Monster I was fairly impressed. Albeit left with a question as to "Where does the Extra Strength Come In?" Anyways, last time I was at my local Kwik Trip (c-store), as always I meandered over to the Energy Shots and Energy Drinks section and took a look. Low and behold, another drink from Monster that seemed intriguing. A 15.5 ounce Monster Rehab with only 10 calories (per serving) and claims of rehydration. Being intrigued I bought the Monster Rehab for a somewhat reasonable $2.39. Anyways, enough fluff, onto the review.

Monster Rehab: Taste
So as I previously mentioned there are only 10 calories per serving (20 total) which comes from 3 grams of sugar. The drink also contains 5% juice, which to be honest, most seem to include somewhere on the label. Anyways this non-carbonated Monster Energy Drink has a very refreshing lemonade flavor with a hint of sweet tea flavoring. I know what a lot of you readers are thinking... he said refreshing and Monster in the same sentence. Yes, I actually did. In this reviewers humble opinion, this is Monster's best tasting drink to date (taste is subjective though). They have come a long way since the original Monster Energy Drink. I also like the fact that they have a non-carbonated offering that tastes great and that is refreshing. Taste Rating - 9.0

Monster Rehab: Kick
This particular creation from Monster seems to have one of the larger Energy Blends (at least from Monster). The Original Monster has a 2500 milligram (per serving) energy blend where as Rehab has 3227.5 milligrams(per serving). So where does the extra energy come from? The only real difference seems to be coming from the addition of Black Tea Extract which does have a pretty decent amount of caffeine in it. So what's the actual amount of caffeine in Monster Rehab? No idea, but the original has 80 milligrams (per serving), so I would GUESS that Rehab has slightly more, maybe 100 milligrams (per serving). Regardless, I was not only pleasantly suprised with the taste, but the kick lasted several hours as well. The fact that there are only 20 total calories, hence, almost no sugar, there was no sugar induced crash after. And where does the "rehydrate" come into play you may ask. Well after looking though the ingredient list, it looks like the "rehydrate claim" is coming from the fact that it contains potassium and coconut water, both of which are good for rehydration. But I am not a doctor, so consult your doctor before taking my advice on the rehydration claims. Kick Rating - 8.8

Monster Rehab: Final Judgment
I am starting to change my mind about offerings from Monster. They have come a long way since their first drink hit the shelves. The latest one I tested, Rehab performed well in both the taste and kick categories. I guess I should keep Monster a little closer on my radar and check in with them more often. Final Judgment - 8.9