Tuesday, October 2, 2012

5-Hour Energy - Pink Lemonade Review

Cost: $2.99 Cost Per Ounce:$1.50 Active Ingredients:Caffeine, Taurine, B-Vitamins Taste Rating:9.2 Kick Rating:9.5 Final Judgment Rating:9.5 Energy Drink Ratings Explained
5-Hour Energy - Pink Lemonade Review:It has been quite some time since I have posted a new Energy Drink Review... In fact I was actually contemplating retiring from reviews for awhile since I have really not had the time to keep up religiously like I used to. Even with my email box full of review requests I couldn't muster the time to do any new reviews. That is until I saw the new Pink Lemonade 5-hour Energy in Upper Michigan while on my way out to the backcountry for a couple days. The bright pink bottle seemed like it was glowing, bebkoning me to buy it, in fact I swear it was calling my name even before I turned into the gas station. Upon further inspection of the 5-hour Energy Pink Lemonade bottle I see that it is tied to the Avon Foundation for Women Breast Cancer crusade and that 5-hour will be donating a minimum of $75,000 to the charity. Pretty sweet, but upon furthe inspection of the 5-hour website I see that they will be giving $0.05 for every bottle sold to the Avon Foundation. That may not sound like a lot, but if you have seen any of their latest commercials, you will remember that they sell 9 million of those little buggers per week and since 5-hour Energy will donate five cents through December 31, 2012 that amount could add up quick. The addition of the new Pink Lemonade flavor means that they now have 9 different varieties for you to choose from... 6 original strength, 2 extra strength and a decaf. So hypothetically let's say that the new Pink Lemonade sells 1 million bottles per week... donation period lasts for 12 weeks. So 12 million bottles at five cents would mean a donation of $600,000. Now that's hypothetical, but the strength of the product and success of past new flavors leads me to believe it is entirely possible. Well enough fluff, let's move on to the review to see if the new 5-hour Energy Pink Lemonade was worth coming out of semi retirement for...

5-Hour Energy - Pink Lemonade Review: Taste Well the last flavor that 5 hour Energy came out with was extra strength grape and the flavor seems to have been well received by the market as well as with this reviewer. Now it is fairly obvious that the new Pink Lemonade is geared towards the female demographic, but hey I am more than man enough to try out the new flavor. And boy was I glad I did. The new shot tastes exactly like what you would expect a Pink Lemonade flavored drink to taste like... Pink Lemonade. Well hello Mr. Obvious, that was so enriching of a taste review. Well hard to describe a Pink Lemonade flavor I guess. I can tell you that it is not a sweet Pink Lemonade, but that the Lemonade flavoring is quite strong. As far as a medicinal aftertaste there was absolutely none. After 8 years of being the leader in energy shots, I think they got the flavoring down pat! This is by far the best tasting shot they have come out with...although the pomegranate is a close second. Taste Rating 9.0

5-Hour Energy - Pink Lemonade Review: Kick Well I normally take energy shots before some kind of physical activity and since I was on my way to a backpacking trip the new shot would be put to the test immediately. After a 4 hour drive I arrived at my destination... stiff from sitting and a little tired from the drive I cracked open the bottle and in two sips I quickly finished the shot. Now I was ready to take off on my 22 mile hike to get to camp. In the terrain the hike would take me about 6 hours. All I can say is I am glad I took the shot as the kick was just as good as all the other flavors. I felt focused and energized after the long drive. The hike took just under 6 hours and I still had plenty of energy to setup camp for the night and still enjoy the sunset on the shores of Lake Superior. Kick Rating 9.5

5-Hour Energy - Pink Lemonade Review: Final Judgment Great new flavor and I am more than glad that it called out to me at the gas station. I have missed reviewing and this was by far the best way to come back. I even managed to donate $0.05 to the Avon Foundation for Women Breast Cancer Crusade which you can learn more about here. To sum up, best tasting flavor yet. Energy formula remains solid. Supplied the focus and energy I needed without the crash and without the calories I don't want. Final Judgment - 9.5