Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hydrive Energy Drink Extra Strength - Black Cherry

Cost: $1.99
Cost Per Ounce:$0.17
Active Ingredients:Caffeine, Taurine, B-Vitamins
Taste Rating:8.8
Kick Rating:8.9
Final Judgment Rating:8.9
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Hydrive Energy Drink Extra Strength Review
Well I have reviewed several flavors of the Hydrive Energy Drinks as well as their chews. From all the reviews and flavors of hydrive that I have tried I have come to the same general consensus on all of them. They are very refreshing to drink. The only room for improvement was maybe a slight increase in the "kick" factor of the drink. All of the flavors come in a slim 15.5 ounce plastic resealable bottle, have only 30 calories total and are made with fresh spring water. The flavors are all nutritionally enhanced with either vitamins, antioxidants or electrolytes and are supposed to supply hydration and energy (a trend (hydration) that you have seen in both Monster Energy Drinks and Rockstar Energy Drinks. The thing is, that Hydrive has been doing this longer, and in my opinion much better. So let's check out the new Extra Strength Hydrive and see what it has up it's sleeve.

Hydrive Energy Drink Extra Strength Review: Taste
Ok, I did ask for an increase in energy ingredients in my prior Hydrive reviews, mainly more caffeine. But, when a brand/company changes the energy ingredients of their drinks, that does tend to have an effect on taste. So even though I asked for it, I was a bit pessimistic that Hydrive would mess with a good refreshing taste. But, to my delight the new black cherry taste is just as refreshing as the other flavors, it doesn't taste artificially flavored AND it has only 30 calories in the entire 15.5 ounce bottle. Taste Rating - 8.8

Hydrive Energy Drink Extra Strength Review: Kick
The low cal / low sugar extra strength black cherry taste is quite refreshing, yet will it provide that elusive pick me up you are looking for? Well the normal Hydrive's have 145 milligrams of caffeine (except the caffeine free version) and they delivered a pretty decent kick. But after each review, I was always wanting a bit more... Well, ask and you shall receive I guess. (Although I doubt they increased the energy formula just for me, I will let my ego believe that is the reason.) The new Extra Strength formula boasts almost a 35% increase in caffeine brining the level tp to 195 milligrams per bottle. Combine this with the other powerful ingredients like Yerba Mate and B-vitamins and you have a very competitive (yet still refreshing) kick. Kick Rating - 8.9

Hydrive Energy Drink Extra Strength Review: Final Judgment
It has been quite a few years since I first heard of Hydrive. In the years following my initial review they have only gotten better with more flavor offerings, increased kick and a strong nationwide presence. If you don't like my three reasons to like/try Hyrdrive then check out their Facebook page as they have a humorous "top 10" list you may like. Final Judgment 8.9

But don't take my word for it... go out there and try it yourself. Feel free to leave your thoughts on Hydrive below in the comments section. (comments are moderated, so don't waste your time with spam)