Thursday, June 28, 2012


I remember when I saw an ad for these at walmart so I got bored  one night and drove about 25 miles or more to all 4 walmarts in my hometown to see if they carried them and not one store had them. Talk about a waste of time and money.

Taste- Light but still flavorful, refreshing and still unique. Its not BAM BEST NEW DRINK but its a good flavor for what its trying to go for. Vety hard to describe, its not a fruit flavor and it doesnt taste like a typical soda flavor. The best I could describe it is it taste just like the color which is lite pink.


Buzz- A brain boosting drink. I would buy these on the regular if I could. I love the idea of enhancing your mind naturally to think and feel more clearly. Most energy drinks take the route with vitamins and caffeine that affect your body more than mind and kind of are just blah. There needs to be more drinks like this.415 mgs CoQ10 (a natural substance in your body that turns food into energy) choline (again, something already in your body. A chemical in your brain that helps your concintration) and taurine. With 75 mgs caffeine and 70% rda vitamins E,C,B12 and B6. We could have more ingridients here but drinks like these would end up costing 7 dollars a can. Too bad they will never make them because I would buy them! This drink gets points for being one of the few drinks of its kind and hopefully the start of something new. But it fails on the amount of mgs. Still enough to have an effect for sure, but there could be so much more!


Over all rating-8.25/10

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nuclear: Green Xtream - Sugar Free

Look at me all decked out today. New tattoo (not finished yet) my shirt cold green nuclear on ice with green sunglasses to match.

Taste- The original was clearly monster, this one is NOT like blue monster. It taste nothing like the original which is strange. It more of a green apple taste with a hint of some monster and a distinctive sugar free taste.


Buzz- I see it has taurine first, caffeine then glucuronolactone in the ingredients but it only mentions 90% rda vitamin B3. 240% B6 80% B12 and 45% pantothenic acid.


Over all rating-4/10

Go Fast: Berry

I think of go fast so many times a' day just because I have a go fast key chain that I see so much. I really wish they were available around were I live.

Taste- Your average stevia flavored berry drink. Not that you guys would know because you havnt tried 900 different ones but its not too bad. It has more honey than stevia but you cant taste it. The drink should really be sweeter especially since its berry. If this was completely sugar free I could give it more kudos but it has 12 grams of sugar and tastes more sugar free than some 0 calorie drinks Ive had.


Buzz- A grocery list of some awesome things that every good energy drink should have. 50 mgs blueberry, blackberry and raspberry extract. 1000 mgs taurine. 91 mgs ribose. 81 mgs caffeine. 250 mgs ginseng. 75 mgs gaurana and ginko biloba. 25 mgs inositol. 50 mgs milk thistle. 2 mgs riboflavin. 20 mgs niacin. 3 mgs vitamin VB6, 8 mgs B12 and 10 mgs pantothenic acid. This drink isnt loaded with caffeine or sugar and with all the natural energy ingridients you really get a good feeling buzz that feels healthy and not jittery.


Total amount of mgs-1,848

Over all rating-7/10

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lipovitan B3

How could you possibly start a drink looking like this and expect it to sell well?

Taste- At first it tasted like soap to me and after a little more tasting that soap taste turned into a creamy sorta flavor and it had a cream soda flavor with the red bull taste with low carbonation. It wasn't intended that way but its kind of unique if you didn't know.


Buzz- The drink has B3 in its name. Thats funny. 25% rda vitamin B1. 100% B3. 150% B2 and 250% B6 and then taurine and caffeine of course. Just another drink thats anything but special.


Over all rating-4.75/10

Thursday, June 14, 2012

SK Energy Shot Review

Cost: 2.99 Cost Per Ounce:$1.18Active Ingredients:Malic Acid, Caffeine, B-VitaminsTaste Rating:8.6Kick Rating:8.8Final Judgment Rating:8.7Energy Drink Ratings ExplainedSK Energy Shot Review:

So this new"ish" energy shot... ok not really new at all as it was introduced over a year ago in 2011. I have actually been meaning to review this ever since I heard that SK, formerly known as "Street King" energy shot was being pushed by none other than 50 Cent. Sounded logical, I mean 50 cent has had pretty good success with Vitamin Water so why not dive head first into the energy shot market??? But then how do you take on the market leader, 5-hour Energy? Well it seems that SK's approach was find a celebrity, add a touch of charity (1 energy shot = 1 meal for a hungry child) and then claim one more hour of energy (6 vs. 5). So how well has it done? To date it looks like they have given away 3.5 million meals through the The World Food Programme. It also looks like they are softening the name as well. SK sounds much better than Street King when you have a philanthropic note right on the top of your energy shot... Anyways, I am not really here to judge how their marketing or sales are going, really just here two give my 2 cents on Taste and Kick.

SK Energy Shot Review: TasteFirst off SK comes in two flavors Grape and Orange Mango, both of which come in a larger than industry average (2 ounce) 2.5 ounce a. Maybe that's where they get the extra hour of claimed energy??? Instead of doing two separate flavor/taste reviews like I have done in the past on the over 450 + reviews... I am just going to lump the two together in this one review. Grape... well, guess what it tastes like grape; albeit a watered down slightly powdery grape. You know sort of like when you drink a Gatorade, then you go to a race (e.g. 5k, 10k, marathon) and they give you that ready mix version. Sure it tastes like Gatorade, but it's watered down and has a slightly odd taste that is hard to describe. Anyways, SK Energy does a much better job on the Orange Mango flavor. Much more of a tropical blend that is less watered down medicinal tasting. So if you are going to give SK a try, I personally recommend the Orange Mango, but that's just my two cents. Taste Rating (combined Grape and Orange Mango) - 8.6

SK Energy Shot Review: KickSo almost 25% more shot than the Market Leader and you get one extra hour of claimed energy... not too bad considering they are roughly the same MSRP. But does it actually deliver... extra 0.5 ounces or not? Well the energy drink ingredients include the following; Malic Acid, Caffeine, Sodium Citrate and Citicoline for a total "Rebel Energy Blend" of 464 milligrams. Compare that to the market leaders non "rebel" energy blend of 1870 milligrams and you get... pretty much absolutely nothing as the energy blends are nothing alike. What is alike is that SK Energy seems to have taken the same stance as the market leader and states that the caffeine is comparable to a cup of premium coffee. So, how's the damn kick already??? Well to be honest I wasn't floored. It is not the strongest energy drink I have ever tried, nor is it the strongest energy shot. It does the job, but is pretty standard when it comes to energy shots. Kick Rating - 8.8

SK Energy Shot Review: Final JudgmentDecent taste, decent price and kick is decent. All in all a decent product. The 1 energy shot = 1 meal for a hungry child is a nice philanthropic touch too. It also doesn't seem readily available. I have been all over the Midwest and Nortwest US recently and have yet to bump into one. SK will definitely carve itself a nice little niche in the market, but I don't think it is superior to the current market leader. But that's just my two cents. Final Judgment - 8.7